The revenue cycle is complex. It’s time to evolve it.

Embracing the complexity of healthcare lets us rethink how to build a better system – and we think the key is in how we exchange trusted information.
for providers

The Lumedic intelligent revenue cycle management platform creates a better, more transparent healthcare experience for payers, providers, and patients.

Lumedic applications and analytics solutions streamline revenue cycle management operations for leading health systems. Built on a distributed patient ledger and an intelligent network, we are evolving how healthcare does business.

Autonomous Applications

Lumedic's suite of applications are purpose-built to evolve the revenue cycle. They include a spectrum of improvements that starts with single-party automation and runs through to multi-party, distributed applications coordinated through smart contracts.

Analytics & Insights

As the revenue cycle improves, our Analytics & Insights provide the visibility and reporting that executives need to manage a healthy bottom line, measure improvements, and surface leading indicators earlier in the care cycle. These insights then feed back across the platform to optimize your revenue cycle.

Distributed Patient Ledger

Distributed ledgers are the foundation to a patient-centric revenue cycle platform. They capture the coordination and discrete state changes as patients progress through an episode of care in a trusted, auditable, secure way that truly puts the patient at the center.

Intelligent Network

The Lumedic Intelligent Network lets payers and providers discover each other and connect distributed patient ledgers that establish a secure, single-source-of-truth. Accessing the power of our platform is as simple as joining the network.